These are some of the presentations I have given over the years to various professional groups that give some sense of the ideas and concerns that interest me:
April 2021 – New York, New York
The Dark Numinous in a Dark Time, Jungian Psychoanalytic Association.

November 2019 – Washington, D.C.
Discussant with Donna Orange, Ph.D., Psy.D., Caring for Ourselves; The Ethics of Self-Care, Washington Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute.

May 2019 – Baltimore, Maryland
Discussant of the film Of Gods and Men, Leon Levy Film Series, Washington Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute.

April 2018 – Norfolk, Virginia
Trauma and Psychoanalysis: A Case Presentation, keynote speaker at annual convention of Society for the Exploration of Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology.

January 2018 – Baltimore, Maryland
Spiritual Resources in the Healing of Trauma, with Pat Fosarelli MD, intensive weeklong course on psychological trauma for chaplains and pastors, Ecumenical Institute at St. Mary’s Seminary and University.

October 2017 – Columbia, Maryland
Psychotherapy and Religion, keynote speaker at continuing education event for mental health professionals, 11th Annual Counseling and Career Services Conference, Howard Community College.

June 2017 – Baltimore, Maryland
Understanding Religious Diversity, three-hour continuing education presentation for psychologists offered at Sheppard Pratt Hospital.

March 2017 – Baltimore, Maryland
With clinical staff of The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt, The Future of the Psychotherapeutic Hospital, at meeting of American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work.

January–March,2017 /2018 – Washington, D.C.
Course taught with Dr. Susan Munford: Working with Dreams, presented to psychoanalytic candidates at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute.

November 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa
Mentalization and the Problem of Religious Fundamentalism, paper presented at the annual World Psychiatry Conference.

November 2016 – Baltimore, Maryland
Mentalization Based Therapy: three-hour continuing education workshop for professional psychologists, sponsored by Notre Dame University Maryland.

October 2016 – Towson, Maryland
Mentalization and Family Therapy: grand rounds presentation at Sheppard Pratt Hospital.

May 2016 – Baltimore, Maryland
Working With Dreams in Clinical Practice: three hour presentation on contemporary integration of dream narrative and psychotherapeutic process, sponsored by the Baltimore Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

January 2016 – Baltimore, Maryland
Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice,feature article in The Maryland Psychologist, Winter 2016.

December 2015 – Columbia, Maryland
Religion and Psychology:Clash of Totalizing Narratives?: Three hours presentation on the biases of psychotherapists in addressing religious experience and the worldview of clients with compelling religious commitments, sponsored by the Maryland Psychological Association.

March 2015 – Baltimore, Maryland
Ethical Vulnerabilities in Clinical Practice:two hours continuing education presentation for psychologists, counselors and social workers, sponsored by Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis.

September 2014 through April 2015 – Baltimore, Maryland
With Psychoanalysts Cindy Mendelson, Ph.D. and Beverly Betz, MSW,  nine-month clinical seminar in psychoanalytic theory and practice for graduate clinicians, jointly sponsored by the Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, The Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, and the Contemporary Freudian Institute of Washington.

November 2014 – Hanover, Maryland
Understanding and Addressing Personality Disorders in Short-Term Interventions: three hour continuing educations program for psychologists, Occupational Health Organization, National Security Agency.

May 2014 – Ocean City, Maryland
The Relational Mind: Attachment, Affect and Transformative Processes in Psychotherapy:nine hour workshop for psychologists on utilization of affect and attachment theory and infant observational research to adult psychotherapy. Maryland Psychological Association.

October 2012 – Columbia, Maryland
Negative Transference and the Working Alliance: three hour workshop presented to the Maryland Psychological Association.

October 2012 – Baltimore, Maryland
Jung and Christianity: three hour lecture and discussion, Baltimore Jung Working Group.

June 2011 – Ocean City, Maryland
Affect Process and Inter-subjectivity in Psychotherapy: nine hour workshop on accessing affect and deepening inter-subjective awareness in psychotherapy, sponsored by the Maryland Psychological Association.

July/August 2010 – Ocean City, Maryland
Ethical Vulnerabilities and the Need for Self-Care, feature article in The Maryland Psychologist, Spring 2010​.

May 2009 – Columbia, Maryland
Psychoanalysis with Older Adults: two-hour case presentation and discussion sponsored by the Baltimore-Washington Center for Psychoanalysis and the Maryland Psychological Association.

​April 2009 – Baltimore, Maryland
Celtic Myth and Individuation: three hour lecture for Baltimore Jung Working Group.

​January 2009 – Bethesda, Maryland
Numinosity and Psychoanalysis: one hour lecture and discussion at Washington Psychoanalytic Society annual Colloquium.

May 2008 – Ocean City, Maryland
The Dreaming Mind: Unconscious Processes, Inter-subjectivity and Change in Psychotherapy: six-hour continuing-education workshop for psychologists sponsored by the Maryland Psychological Association.
Ethical Vulnerability and Self Care: a three hour continuing education workshop for psychologists, sponsored by the Maryland Psychological Association.

March 2008 – Baltimore, Maryland
Psyche and Spirit: psychoanalytic mysticism in Freud, Jung, Bion, and  Lacan: American Psychological Association, Division of Psychology and Religion annual conference, Loyola College in Maryland.

September and December 2007 – Columbia, Maryland and Baltimore, Maryland
The New Face of Psychoanalysis: a six hour continuing education program for psychologists on contemporary psychoanalytic theory and technique and its interface with neuroscience and attachment theory. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation and the graduate departments of Clinical Psychology and Pastoral Counseling, Loyola College in Maryland.

December 2006 – Baltimore, Maryland
Numinosity and Transformation: a three hour presentation on numinosity in the writings of Jung, Lacan, Winnicott, and Grotstein. Baltimore Jung Working Group.

July 2006 – Baltimore, Maryland
Shame and Transformative Experience in Psychotherapy: a three hour theoretical and clinical presentation on the dynamics of shame and its resolution in psychotherapy. Baltimore Psychological Association.

June 2006 – Washington, D.C.
Diversity in Psychoanalytic Process: a three hour case presentation with commentary by two senior psychoanalysts. Annual Meeting, American Psychoanalytic Association.

June 2006 – Washington, D.C.
An Evening with John Hayes: a three hour workshop presentation on various issues in the interface of analytic psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis. Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

May 2005 – Ocean City, Maryland
Shame and Transformative Experience in Psychotherapy: a nine hour weekend continuing education course for psychologists: on theory and technique in resolution of shame in psychotherapy. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

May 2005 – Towson, Maryland
Have You No Shame?: a six hour lecture and workshop program for mental health professionals, co-presented with Andrew Morrison, MD. Pro-Bono Counseling Project of Maryland.

January 2003 – Columbia, Maryland
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Spirituality: a six hour lecture/workshop presentation to psychologists, integrating classic work of William James on religious experience with perspectives from self psychology and analytic psychology.Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

May 2003 – Ocean City, Maryland
Psyche and Spirit: Psychoanalytic Explorations of Spirituality: a twelve hour expansion of the January program. MarylandPsychological Association Foundation.

May and October 2002 – Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland
Perversity and Transformation: Transference and Counter-transference: lecture presented at annual convention of the Maryland Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Psychotherapists.

November 2002 – Silver Spring, Maryland
Update in Professional Ethics: a three hour workshop for psychologists presented with other members of the Ethics Committee. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation

May 2001 – Ocean City, Maryland
Contemporary Psychoanalytic Approaches to Dreams in Psychotherapy: a twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists on the psychoanalytic and Jungian approaches to implementing experiential work on dreams to deepen psychotherapeutic process. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

December 2001 – Baltimore, Maryland
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Professional Ethics: a three hour lecture/workshop on ethical issues in psychotherapy for mental health professionals.  Baltimore Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

November 2000 – Fort Meade, Maryland
Analytic Vision in Psychotherapy: a lecture presentation for psychologists of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

December 2000 – Columbia, Maryland
Update in Professional Ethics: a three hour lecture/workshop on professional ethics for psychologists, presented with other members of the Ethics Committee. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

October 2000 – Towson, Maryland
When Knowledge Fails: a three hour workshop on professional ethical dilemmas, presented with Monica Callahan, Ph.D., for psychologists at the annual convention of the Maryland Psychological Association.

May 2000 – Ocean City, Maryland
Analytic Process and Analytic Space: Openings to the Sacred: a twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

May 1998 – Ocean City, Maryland
Shame and the Shadow: twelve hour continuing education program for psychologists exploring shame in analytic psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis. Maryland Psychological Association.

November 1997 – Baltimore, Maryland
The Difference in Jung and the Difference It Makes: three hour lecture/workshop for mental health professionals on the distinctive contributions Jung has made to psychoanalytic theory and practice. Baltimore Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

November 1996 – Salisbury, Maryland
Myth and Healing: lecture presented at Salisbury University as invited speaker in their University Lecture Series.

September 1996 – Baltimore, Maryland
Character and Character Pathology in Analytic Psychology: three hour lecture/workshop for psychologists. Baltimore Psychological Association.

May 1996 – Ocean City, Maryland
Character Style and Character Pathology: Perspectives from Analytic Psychology and Psychoanalysis: twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

May 1995 – Ocean City, Maryland
Archetypes of the Masculine and Feminine: Clinical and Developmental Perspectives: twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

May 1993 – Ocean City, Maryland
The Healing Potential of Madness: Explorations of Psychosis in Psychoanalysis and Analytic Psychology: twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

June 1993 – Columbia, Maryland
Jung and the Problem of Evil: a three hour seminar for psychologists on Jung’s “Answer to Job”, at the annual convention of the Maryland Psychological Association.

May 1992 – Ocean City, Maryland
Jungian Dream Interpretation in Psychotherapy: twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

February 1991 – Washington, D.C.
Masculinity and Transformation in Celtic Mythology: lecture and workshop. Washington Society for Jungian Psychology and the Gaelic League of Washington.

May 1991 – Ocean City, Maryland
Jungian Approaches to Marital Therapy: twelve hour continuing education course for psychologists. Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

November 1991 – Poughkeepsie, New York
Marriage and Individuation: lecture and workshop. Mid-Hudson Jungian Psychology Association

May 1990 – Ocean City, Maryland
Jungian Approaches to Psychotherapy of Narcissistic and Borderline Disorders: twelve hour course for psychologists.Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

November 1989 – Baltimore, Maryland
Transformation and Individuation in Celtic Myth: lecture and workshop. Baltimore Jung Working Group.

May 1988 – Washington, D.C.
Jungian View of Narcissistic Disorders: Beyond Object Relations Theory and Self Psychology: lecture for psychologists at the annual convention of the Washington Psychological Association.

June 1987 – Baltimore, Maryland
Body and Soul in Psychotherapy: Contemporary Jungian Approaches: three hour lecture/workshop for psychologists at annual convention of Maryland Psychological Association.

June 1986 – Washington, D.C.
St. Brendan’s Voyage and the Journey of the Self: lecture/workshop. Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

May 1985 – Washington, D.C.
Celtic Consciousness in the Culture of Narcissism: lecture/workshop. Washington Society for Jungian Psychology.

May 1980 and May 1979 – Baltimore, Maryland
Developmental Approaches to Understanding Children with Learning Disabilities: Johns Hopkins University MedicalSchool program for pediatricians: “Updates in Developmental Pediatrics”

May 1977 – Washington, D.C.
Ego Identity and Moral Character Development: doctoral dissertation, Catholic University of America.


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